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January 2017

"Counseling/therapy sessions were very effective. The therapist was excellent, provided insight and was cognizant of each person’s specific needs. She was able to give each of us the positive feedback needed. I completely enjoyed her sessions!" – Female, 58, Outpatient

"Thank you for saving my life! Great program. The group therapy program works – my therapist knows her stuff!" – Female, 54, Outpatient

"The therapist has been attentive to the group in coming up with fun, creative ways to heal through addiction and get us to bond with our treatments and goals." – Female, 31, Outpatient

"Your therapist is one of the most professional and effective healers I have ever known. She has saved my life. I am so grateful for her time and investment in my problems." – Female, 37, Outpatient

"The therapist was very good. Staff overall was flexible and responsive, while the program itself was admirably structured." – Male, 48, Outpatient

"I am grateful for my group. My treatment therapist is amazing. I want to thank her so much. She has helped me on this tough journey. Thank you." – Male, 33, Outpatient

"I'm grateful for the level of care I have received. I've been suffering for a long time, and I finally feel fully equipped to face my mental illnesses head on.” – Female, 34, Outpatient

December 2016

"My therapist is wonderful at his job, I'm so glad I ended up in his group. In a more general sense, my time here in both inpatient and outpatient was nothing short of life changing. Thank you x 1,000,000" – Male, 25, Outpatient

"I thought my therapist was great. She helped me create a plan and get rid of distractions." – Male, 31, Outpatient

"My therapist has helped me tremendously. Her personal ability to relate to my situation made me feel safe and less alone. She has given me all the tools I need to start my journey to self love, and I will always be thankful for her and Dublin Springs." – Female, 25, Outpatient

"My therapist was excellent. She really helped me see the different stressors in my life and how to get a handle on things." – Female, 31, Outpatient

"My therapist helped me a great deal. She is very cognizant of everyone's concerns and makes you feel good about yourself and others. She is a wonderful woman and teacher." – Male, 67, Outpatient

"Keep up the good work. I found the interaction with others who have the same or similar problems to be helpful, especially when listening to improvement recommendations from therapists." – Male, 74, Outpatient

"I have had a great experience here, however my therapist deserves great recognition. She truly is one of the best therapists and genuinely cares about her patients. I have grown very fond of her and been inspired. She is a blessing to this field." – Female, 37, Outpatient

November 2016

"My counselor was very insightful, professional, easy to talk to and a good listener. I feel that I really benefitted by being a part of his group." – Male, 34, Outpatient

"The overall experience of Dublin Springs PHP program was amazing. I had a wonderful therapist who made group work an experience I will never forget. She has given me tools I hope to continue to implement into my everyday life." – Female, 40, Outpatient

"My counselor/therapist was very helpful and insightful. The daily challenges helped to address some of life's situations. Also, he managed the group, brought us closer together and allowed us at times to run the group during out-ins. Getting peer perspective was beneficial." – Male, 33, Outpatient

"My therapist was very helpful to me. She cared and took time to get to know me and work with me. She did an excellent job and was upfront, real and honest." – Male, 47, Outpatient

"Staff has been great, and I had an excellent therapist. I appreciate how much he truly cares about all of his patients." – Female, 28, Outpatient

"The therapists here are awesome! They helped me immensely. Thank you." – Female, 48, Outpatient

"I had an exceptional counselor. She is committed to our recovery and put her educational experience into every class. Her knowledge and the format she uses is very helpful, and as long as we follow through we should be able to stay sober. She is a very kind and compassionate counselor that truly cares about us all." – Female, 52, Outpatient

"I truly believe I couldn't have been assigned a better IOP therapist! What she has done for me and my continued sobriety is a Godsend. I can't honestly say I'd be as strong and ready to fight this illness without her insight and compassion." – Male, 43, Outpatient

"I very much enjoyed learning new things that I had no idea affected me. I had a superb therapist who had answers on every question, fantastic insight to the problems and showed me ways to cope with them." – Male, 47, Outpatient

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